Honda CB900 C/F Technical Specifications (CB900C / CB900F) 1980-1982

The Honda CB900 began its production in the 70s and became popular through its low price and strong build, being a naked bike with a functional intention. This bike has excellent handling that makes it ideal for the learner rider, but that’s not to say that the bike can’t keep up. With a top speed of 135mph, this was a super bike in its day and still provides the vintage rider with a retro thrill through the country lanes. Packing a 901cc engine, you’re bound to feel every revolution as you blast up the highway on this windscreen-less, raw machine. This is a true classic of a bike that combined speed with reliability in a bare bones package.

If you’ve bought a Honda CB900 as a second hand bike for commuting, you may, or may not have experienced a repair fee by now. If you haven’t, you won’t want to. The reason for this is that vintage bikes command a high cost for their maintenance today thanks to the increasingly rare supply of spare parts. Luckily, the CB900 was a widely produced model, but you still don’t want to be taking the bike to your local garage every month, otherwise you’ll be out on the street faster than your bike. The solution to avoiding those garage fees is quite simple – CB900 Manual

1980 Honda CB900C Specifications - taken from the workshop manual (CB900 C/F - 1981, 1982 models follow)

 Seat height 780mm
 Weight (with fluids) 277kg
 Length 2310mm
 Weight (without fluids) 259kg
 Width 915mm
 Foot peg height 330mm
 Height (overall) 1170mm
 Ground clearance 150mm
 Wheelbase 1580mm
 Spark plug standard - NGK D9EA / NGK DR8ES / ND X27ES-U / ND X27ESR-U | cold weather - NGK D8EA / NGK DR8ES-L / ND24ES-U / ND X24ESR-U
 Gap of spark plug 0.6-0.7mm
 Ignition transistorized
 Fuses 10/30A
 Ignition timing 10 ° BTDC @ idle
 Battery 12V-14Ah
 Full advance 38.5 ° BTDC @ 3200rpm
 Generator 3 phase A.C generator 266W / 5000rpm
 Starting starter motor
 Firing order 1-2-4-3
 Warning light rear suspension air pressure 3.4W - 2cp
 Stoplight/tail 8 / 27 W - 3/32cp
 Neutral indicator 3.4W - 2cp
 Headlight low/beam 60 / 55W H4 bulb
 Speedo light 3.4W 2cp
 Tachometer light 3.4W - 2cp
 High beam indicator 3.4W - 2cp
 Front turn signal / running light 23 / 8W - 32 / 3cp
 Turn signal indicator 3.4W - 2cp
 Rear turn signal 23W - 32cp
 Rear suspension shock absorber / swingarm - 101mm travel
 Front suspension telescopic fork - 160mm travel
 Vehicle load capacity 208kg
 Gross vehicle weight (rating) 485kg
 Type of frame double cradle
 Rear tyre size 130 / 90 - 16 - 67H
 Front tyre size 110 / 90 - 19 - 62H
 Front brake Disc brake (double) 1200cm2 lining swept area
 Rear brake Disc brake (single) 653cm2 lining swept area
 Capacity of fuel 16.5 litres (reserve 4.5 litres)
 Trail 124mm
 Oil capacity (front fork) 280±2.5cc
 1st gear ratio 2.375 (38 / 16)
 2nd gear ratio 1.789 (34 / 19)
 3rd gear ratio 1.391 (32 / 23)
 4th gear ratio 1.160 (29 / 25)
 5th gear ratio 0.964 (27 / 28)
 Clutch multi plate, wet
 Gear oil capacity - final drive 0.15 litres
 Transmission dual range subtransmission, five speed
 Gear oil capacity - subtransmission 0.60 litres
 Primary reduction 1.000 (28 / 28) / 2.041 (49 / 24)
 Pattern of gear shift 1 - N - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 operated by left foot
 Final reduction 3.091 (34 / 11)
 Thrid reduction 1.200 (18 / 15)
 Subtransmission - secondary reduction high range - 0.638 (30 / 47) | low range - 0.721 (31 / 43)
 Weight of engine 106kg
 Type of engine four stroke air cooled
 Engine idle speed 1.000±100rpm
 Arrangement of cylinder in line 4 (vertical)
 Cylinder compression 12.0±2.0kg / cm2 (170±28psi)
 Bore / stroke 64.5x69.0mm
 Air filter paper type
 Displacement 902cm3
 Lubrication wet sump system
 Compression ratio 8.8:1
 Capacity of oil 4.5 litres
 Valve train DOHC four valves per cylinder, chain driven
 Max. torque 7.8kg-m / 7000rpm
 Max. power 84bhp / 8500rpm
 Float level 15.5mm
 Type of carb VB, 32mm - venturi bore
 Id number VB43A / VB43B

Honda CB900C - 1981 ADDENDUM model specifications that vary from above (1982 models follow)

 Ground clearance 140mm
 Height (overall) 1165mm
 Wheelbase 1585mm
 Foot peg height 325mm
 Fuses 15/30A
 Spark plugs standard - NGK D9EA / NGK DR8ES / ND X27ES-U / ND X27ESR-U | cold weather - NGK D8EA / NGK DR8ES-L / ND X24ES-U / ND X24ESR-U
 Full advance 38.5 ° BTDC @ 3200rpm
 Capacity of front fork oil 290±2.5cc
 Fuel capacity 16.5 litres (3.0 litres reserve)
 Caster angle 61 ° 30'
 Trail 114mm

Honda CB900F - 1981 ADDENDUM model technical specifications (1982 models follow)

 Bore / stroke 64.5x69.0mm
 Engine type four stoke air cooled
 Engine weight 92kg
 Displacement 902cm3
 Engine idle speed 1000±100rpm
 Cylinder arrangement in line four vertical
 Cylinder compression 12.0±2.0kg / cm2 (170±28psi)
 Type of air filter paper
 Compression ratio 8.8:1
 Oil capacity 4.5 litres (3.5 litres reserve)
 Valve train four valves per cylinder DOHC chain driven
 Lubrication system wet sump
 Max. power 89bhp @ 9000rpm
 Max. torque 7.8kg-m @ 7500rpm
 Weight 263kg with fluids / 242kg dry
 Width 850mm 
 Ground clearance 150mm
 Length 2195mm
 Wheelbase 1515mm
 Height to seat 815mm
 Height overall 1145mm
 Foot peg height 350mm
 Type of carburettor venturi bore 32mm VB
 Float level 15.5mm
 Capacity of front fork oil 345cc
 Trail 110mm
 Type of frame double cradle
 Caster angle 62 ° 30'
 Suspension (front) telescopic air forks 160mm travel
 Suspension (rear) swingarm / shock absorber 110mm travel
 Fuel capacity 20 litres (reserve - 2.5 litres)
 Gross vehicle weight rating 451kg
 Capacity vehicle load 188kg
 Brake (rear) disc brake - 516cm2 lining swept area
 Brake (front) double disc brake - 952cm2 lining swept area
 Tyre size (front) 3.50 V19 - 4PR
 Tyre size (rear) 4.25 V18 - 4PR
 Generator 3 phase 260W / 5000rpm A.C generator
 Firing order 1-2-4-3
 Ignition transistorized
 Spark plug standard - ND X27ES-U / ND X27ESR-U / NGK D9EA / NGK DR8ES | cold weather - ND X24ES-U / ND X24ESR-U / NGK D8EA / NGK DR8ES-L
 Gap of spark plug 0.6-0.7mm
 Ignition timing 10 ° BTDC @ idle
 Fuses 10/30A
 Full advance 38.5 ° BTDC @ 3100rpm
 Starting starter motor
 Speedo light 3.4W
 Headlight (low/high beam) 60 / 55W H4
 Tachometer 3.4W
 Rear turn signal 23W
 High beam indicator 3.4W
 Neutral indicator 3.4W
 Tail light / stoplight 27 / 8W
 Front turn signal / running light 23 / 8W
 Turn signal indicator 3.4W
 Clutch wet - multi plate
 Drive chain DID 50ZL / RK 50L0
 Transmission constant mesh five speed
 Primary reduction 1.000 / 2.041
 Gear ratio 1 2.533
 Gear ratio 2 1.789
 Gear ratio 3 1.391
 Gear ratio 4 1.160
 Gear ratio 5 1.000
 Final reduction 2.588
 Pattern of gearshift 1 - N - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 left foot operated

New Specifications for the 1982 Honda cb900 C/F models

 FRAME - CB900C 1982 model
 Rear brakes Disc brake (double) - 516cm2 lining swept area
 Front brakes Disc brake (single) - 942cm2 lining swept area
 FRAME - CB900F 1982 model
 Gross vehicle weight rating 452kg
 DRIVE TRAIN - CB900C model
 Subtransmission secondary reduction high range 0.595 (28 / 47)
 DRIVE TRAIN - CB900F model
 Primary reduction 1.000 / 2.042
 ELECTRICAL - CB900C model
 Spark plug - standard NGK DR8ES / ND X27ESR-U
 Spark plug - cold weather NGK DR8ES-L / ND X24ESR-U
 ELECTRICAL - CB900F model
 Spark plug - cold weather NGK DR8ES-L / ND X24ESR-U
 Spark plug - standard NGK DR8ES / ND X27ESR-U

For more Honda CB900 C/F Technical Specifications see the full - Workshop Service Manual

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